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926[Conformance Checkers] [Gecko] [Opera] [Webkit] [Tools] Made <h1> headers nest. PLEASE GIVE ME FEEDBACK ON THIS CHANGE.2007-06-19 10:13
Index: source
--- source	(revision 925)
+++ source	(revision 926)
@@ -34225,12 +34225,17 @@
         scope</span>, then act as if an end tag with the tag name
         <code>p</code> had been seen.</p>
+        <!-- Removed for compatibility with IE7, though all other
+             browsers do it this way. If you do put this back, make
+             sure to handle <h1><a><h2>, as in Webkit bug 12646.
         <p>If the <span>stack of open elements</span> <span title="has
         an element in scope">has in scope</span> an element whose tag
         name is one of "h1", "h2", "h3", "h4", "h5", or "h6", then
         this is a <span>parse error</span>; pop elements from the
         stack until an element with one of those tag names has been
         popped from the stack.</p>
+        -->
         <p><span title="insert an html element">Insert an HTML
         element</span> for the token.</p>