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7850[Gecko] [Internet Explorer] [Opera] [Webkit] Add bitcoin: to the URL scheme whitelist, by request. It's more or less like mailto:.2013-04-23 21:08
@@ -81884,20 +81884,21 @@ interface <dfn>NavigatorContentUtils</dfn> {
     <p>If the <code title="dom-navigator-registerProtocolHandler">registerProtocolHandler()</code>
     method is invoked with a scheme that is neither a <span>whitelisted scheme</span> nor a scheme
     whose value starts with the substring "<code title="">web+</code>" and otherwise contains only
     <span>lowercase ASCII letters</span>, and whose length is at least five characters (including
     the "<code title="">web+</code>" prefix), the user agent must throw a <code>SecurityError</code>
     <p>The following schemes are the <dfn title="whitelisted scheme">whitelisted schemes</dfn>:</p>
     <ul class="brief">
+     <li><code title="">bitcoin</code></li> <!-- -->
      <li><code title="">irc</code></li>
      <li><code title="">geo</code></li>
      <li><code title="">mailto</code></li>
      <li><code title="">magnet</code></li>
      <li><code title="">mms</code></li>
      <li><code title="">news</code></li>
      <li><code title="">nntp</code></li>
      <li><code title="">sip</code></li>
      <li><code title="">sms</code></li>
      <li><code title="">smsto</code></li>
@@ -114033,20 +114034,21 @@ if (s = prompt('What is your name?')) {
   Michael(tm) Smith,
   Michal Zalewski,
   Michel Fortin,
   Michelangelo De Simone,
   Michiel van der Blonk,
   Mihai &#x015E;ucan<!-- from ROBO Design -->,
   Mihai Parparita,
   Mike Brown,
   Mike Dierken<!-- S. Mike Dierken -->,
   Mike Dixon,
+  Mike Hearn,
   Mike Schinkel,
   Mike Shaver,
   Mikko Rantalainen,
   Mohamed Zergaoui<!-- Innovimax SARL -->,
   Mounir Lamouri,
   NARUSE Yui,
   Neil Deakin,
   Neil Rashbrook,
   Neil Soiffer,