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767919102[Conformance Checkers] Make <a href='?guitar=2&amp=1&pedal=6'> a parse error since IE9 misparses it '?guitar=2&=1&pedal=6' apparently.2013-01-31 00:36
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--- source	(revision 7678)
+++ source	(revision 7679)
@@ -104601,9 +104601,14 @@
     SEMICOLON character (;), and the next character is either a U+003D EQUALS SIGN character (=) or
     an <span title="alphanumeric ASCII characters">alphanumeric ASCII character</span>, then, for
     historical reasons, all the characters that were matched after the U+0026 AMPERSAND character
-    (&amp;) must be unconsumed, and nothing is returned.</p> <!-- "=" added because of
+    (&amp;) must be unconsumed, and nothing is returned. <!-- "=" added because of -->
+    However, if this next character is in fact a U+003D EQUALS SIGN character (=), then this is a
+    <span>parse error</span>, because some legacy user agents <!-- IE, version 9 and before --> will
+    misinterpret the markup in those cases.</p> <!-- v2: should make this no longer a conformance
+    error at some point in the future; revisit in 2015? -->
     <p>Otherwise, a character reference is parsed. If the last
     character matched is not a U+003B SEMICOLON character (;), there
     is a <span>parse error</span>.</p>