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762520391Fly your flags at half mast for E4X.2012-12-31 05:05
@@ -17652,22 +17652,24 @@ o............A....e
    <dd>JavaScript. <a href="#refsECMA262">[ECMA262]</a></dd>
+<!--(historical footnote)
    <dd>JavaScript with ECMAScript for XML. <a href="#refsECMA357">[ECMA357]</a></dd>
   <div class="impl">
   <p>User agents may support other <span title="MIME type">MIME types</span> for other languages,
   but must not support other <span title="MIME type">MIME types</span> for the languages in the list
   above. User agents are not required to support the languages listed above.</p>
   <p>The following <span title="MIME type">MIME types</span> (with or without parameters) must not
@@ -17693,21 +17695,21 @@ o............A....e
   <p class="note">These types are explicitly listed here because they
   are poorly-defined types that are nonetheless likely to be used as
   formats for data blocks, and it would be problematic if they were
   suddenly to be interpreted as script by a user agent.</p>
   <!-- a similar paragraph is also present in the <style> section -->
   <p>When examining types to determine if they represent supported languages, user agents must not
   ignore MIME parameters. Types are to be compared including all parameters.</p> <!-- whether the
   order of parameters matters is left undefined until such time as it matters; so far the only
-  relevant parameter is 'e4x' -->
+  relevant parameter was 'e4x', and it's gone for now -->
   <p class="note">For example, types that include the <code title="">charset</code> parameter will
   not be recognized as referencing any of the scripting languages listed above.</p>
   <h5><dfn title="script content restrictions">Restrictions for contents of <code>script</code> elements</dfn></h5>
   <p>The <code>textContent</code> of a <code>script</code> element