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7290[Gecko] [Internet Explorer] [Opera] [Webkit] Change how <script> is handled in re-entrant parser situations when there's a blocking style sheet.2012-08-28 04:48
Index: source
--- source	(revision 7289)
+++ source	(revision 7290)
@@ -18137,7 +18137,10 @@
      <dt id="script-processing-style-delayed">If the element does not
      have a <code title="attr-script-src">src</code> attribute, and
      the element has been flagged as <span>"parser-inserted"</span>,
-     and the <code>Document</code> of the <span>HTML parser</span> or
+     and either the parser that created the <code>script</code> is an
+     <span>XML parser</span> or it's an <span>HTML parser</span> whose
+     <span>script nesting level</span> is zero, and the
+     <code>Document</code> of the <span>HTML parser</span> or
      <span>XML parser</span> that created the <code>script</code>
      element <span>has a style sheet that is blocking