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726717890[Gecko] [Internet Explorer] [Opera] [Webkit] Narrow the scope of the xml:base ban to HTML elements. If SVG wants to allow them, e.g., that's up to them.2012-08-24 19:02
@@ -12122,23 +12122,24 @@ Transport Protocol">HTTP&lt;/abbr> today.&lt;/p></pre> <!-- DO NOT REWRAP THIS L
   <h5>The <dfn title="attr-xml-base"><code>xml:base</code></dfn>
   attribute (XML only)</h5>
   <p>The <code title="attr-xml-base">xml:base</code> attribute is
   defined in XML Base. <a href="#refsXMLBASE">[XMLBASE]</a></p>
   <p>The <code title="attr-xml-base">xml:base</code> attribute may be
-  used on elements of <span>XML documents</span>. Authors must not
-  use the <code title="attr-xml-base">xml:base</code> attribute in
-  <span>HTML documents</span>.</p>
+  used on <span>HTML elements</span> of <span>XML documents</span>.
+  Authors must not use the <code title="attr-xml-base">xml:base</code>
+  attribute on <span>HTML elements</span> in <span>HTML
+  documents</span>.</p>
   <h5>The <dfn title="attr-dir"><code>dir</code></dfn> attribute</h5>
   <p>The <code title="attr-dir">dir</code> attribute specifies the
   element's text directionality. The attribute is an <span>enumerated
   attribute</span> with the following keywords and states:</p>
@@ -101795,20 +101796,25 @@ dictionary <dfn>StorageEventInit</dfn> : <span>EventInit</span> {
     <tr> <td> <code title="">base</code> <td> <span>XML namespace</span> <!-- attr-xml-base --> <td> <code title="">xml:base</code>
     <tr> <td> <code title="">lang</code> <td> <span>XML namespace</span> <td> <code title="">xml:lang</code>
     <tr> <td> <code title="">space</code> <td> <span>XML namespace</span> <td> <code title="">xml:space</code>
     <tr> <td> <code title="">xmlns</code> <td> <span>XMLNS namespace</span> <td> <code title="">xmlns</code>
     <tr> <td> <code title="">xlink</code> <td> <span>XMLNS namespace</span> <td> <code title="">xmlns:xlink</code>
   <p>No other namespaced attribute can be expressed in <span>the
   HTML syntax</span>.</p>
+  <p class="note">Whether the attributes in the table above are
+  conforming or not is defined by other specifications (e.g. the SVG
+  and MathML specifications); this section only describes the syntax
+  rules if the attributes are serialised using the HTML syntax.</p>
   <h5>Optional tags</h5>
   <p>Certain tags can be <dfn
   <p class="note">Omitting an element's <span
   title="syntax-start-tag">start tag</span> in the situations
   described below does not mean the element is not present; it is
   implied, but it is still there. For example, an HTML document always