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7058Apply W3C WG chair decision.2012-04-18 23:30
@@ -238,20 +238,27 @@
    regarding using the <code title="attr-title">title</code>
    attribute, and makes using the <code
    title="attr-title">title</code> attribute for captions
    non-conforming in certain specific cases, because of a number of
    working group chair decisions from March 2012:
    <a href="">first</a>,
    <a href="">second</a>,
    <a href="">third</a>.
+   <li>The W3C HTML specification omits some advice about how to
+   remove focus outlines in an accessible manner (instead only urging
+   authors not to remove them without giving an alternative to address
+   the "they're ugly" use case), because of a <a
+   href="">working
+   group chair decision from March 2012</a>.</li>
   <p>The following sections are only published in the WHATWG
   specifications and are not currently available anywhere else:</p>
    <li>New hyperlink features: the <code title="attr-hyperlink-download">download</code> attribute to make download links and the <code title="attr-hyperlink-ping">ping</code> attribute for <span>hyperlink auditing</span>.</li> <!--DOWNLOAD--><!--PING-->
    <li>The <code title="attr-inert">inert</code> global attribute to disable subtrees.</li><!--INERT-->
    <li>The <code title="attr-fs-method-dialog-keyword">dialog</code> keyword on the <code>form</code> element's <code title="attr-fs-method">method</code> attribute, for a simpler way to close dialogs.</li><!--FORM-DIALOG-->
    <li>The <code title="dom-document-cssElementMap">cssElementMap</code> feature for defining <span title="CSS element reference identifier">CSS element reference identifiers</span>.</li> <!--CSSREF-->
@@ -86921,34 +86928,48 @@ interface <dfn>NavigatorStorageUtils</dfn> {
    <dt><var title="">element</var> . <code title="dom-blur">blur</code>()</dt>
     <p>Unfocuses the element. Use of this method is discouraged. Focus
     another element instead.</p>
+<!--END w3c-html--><!--FORK-->
     <p>Do not use this method to hide the focus ring if you find the
     focus ring unsightly. Instead, use a CSS rule to override the
     'outline' property. (Be aware, however, that this makes the page
     significantly less usable for some people, especially those with
     reduced vision who use focus outlines to help them navigate the
+    <!-- we suggest using CSS here because users can override CSS, so
+    it's no the end of the world, unlike using .blur(), which cannot
+    be easily overridden by users and completely breaks tab
+    navigation. -->
     <div class="example">
      <p>For example, to hide the outline from links, you could use:</p>
      <pre>:link:focus, :visited:focus { outline: none; }</pre>
+<!--START w3c-html--><!--END complete--><!--END dev-html--><!--FORK-->
+    <p>Do not use this method to hide the focus ring. Do not use any
+    other method that hides the focus ring from keyboard users,in
+    particluar do not use a CSS rule to override the 'outline'
+    property. Removal of the focus ring leads to serious accessibility
+    issues for users who navigate and interact with interactive
+    content using the keyboard.</p>
+<!--START complete--><!--START dev-html--><!--FORK-->
   <div class="impl">
   <p>The <dfn title="dom-focus"><code>focus()</code></dfn> method,
   when invoked, must run the following algorithm:</p>