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7037[Gecko] [Internet Explorer] [Opera] [Webkit] Make addHitRegion() consistent with context.fill() in using the context's transformation matrix, not a separate transformation.2012-03-28 04:35
Index: source
--- source	(revision 7036)
+++ source	(revision 7037)
@@ -40724,8 +40724,8 @@
 dictionary <dfn>HitRegionOptions</dfn> {
   <span>Path</span>? <span title="dom-HitRegionOptions-path">path</span> = null;
-  <span>SVGMatrix</span>? <span title="dom-HitRegionOptions-transform">transform</span> = null;
-  <span>DOMString</span> <span title="dom-HitRegionOptions-id">id</span> = '';
+<!--  <span>SVGMatrix</span>? <span title="dom-HitRegionOptions-transform">transform</span> = null;
+-->  <span>DOMString</span> <span title="dom-HitRegionOptions-id">id</span> = '';
   <span>DOMString</span>? <span title="dom-HitRegionOptions-parentID">parentID</span> = null;
   <span>DOMString</span> <span title="dom-HitRegionOptions-cursor">cursor</span> = 'inherit';
   // for control-backed regions:
@@ -44727,13 +44727,13 @@
      form part of the region. If this member is not provided or is set
      to null, the <span>current default path</span> is used
      <dt><code title="dom-HitRegionOptions-transform">transform</code> (default null)
      <dd>An <code>SVGMatrix</code> object that describes a
      transformation to apply to the path described by the <code
      title="dom-HitRegionOptions-path">path</code> member.</dd>
      <dt><code title="dom-HitRegionOptions-id">id</code> (default empty string)
      <dd>The ID to use for this region. This is used in
@@ -44985,7 +44985,7 @@
    title="dom-HitRegionOptions-path">path</code> member's value.
    Otherwise, let it be the <code>CanvasRenderingContext2D</code>
    object's <span>current default path</span>.</p></li>
    <li><p>If the <var title="">arguments</var> object's <code
    title="dom-HitRegionOptions-path">path</code> member is null, but
    the <code title="dom-HitRegionOptions-transform">transform</code>
@@ -44997,6 +44997,12 @@
    <var title="">arguments</var> object's <code
    title="dom-HitRegionOptions-transform">transform</code> member, if
    it is not null.</p></li>
+   <li><p>Transform all the coordinates and lines in <var
+   title="">source path</var> by the current transform matrix, if the
+   <var title="">arguments</var> object's <code
+   title="dom-HitRegionOptions-path">path</code> member is not
+   null.</p></li>
    <li><p>If the <var title="">arguments</var> object's <code
    title="dom-HitRegionOptions-id">id</code> member is the
@@ -45037,12 +45043,12 @@
     <ul class="brief">
      <li>The <var title="">arguments</var> object's <code
      title="dom-HitRegionOptions-path">path</code> member is null, but
      its <code title="dom-HitRegionOptions-transform">transform</code>
      member is not.</li>
      <li>The <var title="">arguments</var> object's <code
      title="dom-HitRegionOptions-control">control</code> and <code
      title="dom-HitRegionOptions-label">label</code> members are both