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653311234[Conformance Checkers] Make sure <br> is handled right in the requirements regarding bidi formatting characters.2011-09-04 17:37
@@ -12449,22 +12449,22 @@
   explicitly terminated by a U+202C POP DIRECTIONAL FORMATTING
   character. This helps reduce incidences of text being reused in a
   manner that has unforeseen effects on the bidirectional
   <p>The aforementioned restrictions are defined by specifying that
   certain parts of documents form <span>bidirectional-algorithm
   formatting character ranges</span>, and then imposing a requirement
   on such ranges.</p>
-  <p>The strings resulting from the applying the following algorithm
-  to an <span title="HTML elements">HTML element</span> <var
+  <p>The strings resulting from applying the following algorithm to an
+  <span title="HTML elements">HTML element</span> <var
   title="">element</var> are <span>bidirectional-algorithm formatting
   character ranges</span>:</p>
    <li><p>Let <var title="">output</var> be an empty list of strings.</p></li>
    <li><p>Let <var title="">string</var> be an empty string.</p></li>
    <li><p>Let <var title="">node</var> be the first child node of <var
@@ -12479,20 +12479,21 @@
     <p>Process <var title="">node</var> according to the first
     matching step from the following list:</p>
     <dl class="switch">
      <dt>If <var title="">node</var> is a <span>text node</span></dt>
      <dd><p>Append the text data of <var title="">node</var> to <var title="">string</var>.</p></dd>
+     <dt>If <var title="">node</var> is a <code>br</code> element</dt>
      <dt>If <var title="">node</var> is an <span title="HTML elements">HTML element</span> that is <span>flow content</span> but that is not also <span>phrasing content</span></dt>
      <dd><p>If <var title="">string</var> is not the empty string,
      push <var title="">string</var> onto <var title="">output</var>,
      and let <var title="">string</var> be empty string.</p></dd>
      <dd>Do nothing.</dd>