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640412695[Conformance Checkers] Grandfather rel='shortcut icon' since it's so common.2011-08-10 01:26
Index: source
--- source	(revision 6403)
+++ source	(revision 6404)
@@ -61858,7 +61858,14 @@
+  <p>For historical reasons, the <code title="rel-icon">icon</code>
+  keyword may be preceded by the keyword "<code
+  title="">shortcut</code>". If the "<code title="">shortcut</code>"
+  keyword is present, it must be come immediately before the <code
+  title="rel-icon">icon</code> keyword and the two keywords must be
+  separated by only a single U+0020 SPACE character.</p>
   <h5>Link type "<dfn title="rel-license"><code>license</code></dfn>"</h5>
   <p>The <code title="rel-license">license</code> keyword may be used