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6145[Authors] [Conformance Checkers] Further discourage misuse of <canvas> that cannot be made accessible or usable.2011-05-23 21:03
Index: source
--- source	(revision 6144)
+++ source	(revision 6145)
@@ -37594,7 +37594,7 @@
    <dt>Contexts in which this element can be used:</dt>
    <dd>Where <span>embedded content</span> is expected.</dd>
    <dt>Content model:</dt>
-   <dd><span>Transparent</span>.</dd>
+   <dd><span>Transparent</span>, but with no <span>interactive content</span> descendants except for <code>a</code> elements, <code>button</code> elements, <code>input</code> elements whose <code title="attr-input-type">type</code> attribute are in the <span title="attr-input-type-checkbox">Checkbox</span> or <span title="attr-input-type-radio">Radio Button</span> states, and <code>input</code> elements that are <span title="concept-button">buttons</span>.</dd> <!-- and maybe <select>, I guess -->
    <dt>Content attributes:</dt>
    <dd><span>Global attributes</span></dd>
    <dd><code title="attr-canvas-width">width</code></dd>