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6020Clarify that <video> and <audio> can both be used for both audio and video.2011-04-20 20:44
@@ -27141,21 +27141,21 @@ href="?audio">audio&lt;/a> test instead.)&lt;/p></pre>
            attribute unsigned long <span title="dom-dim-width">width</span>;
            attribute unsigned long <span title="dom-dim-height">height</span>;
   readonly attribute unsigned long <span title="dom-video-videoWidth">videoWidth</span>;
   readonly attribute unsigned long <span title="dom-video-videoHeight">videoHeight</span>;
            attribute DOMString <span title="dom-video-poster">poster</span>;
   <p>A <code>video</code> element is used for playing videos or
-  movies.</p>
+  movies, and audio files with captions.</p>
   <p>Content may be provided inside the <code>video</code>
   element<span class="impl">. User agents should not show this content
   to the user</span>; it is intended for older Web browsers which do
   not support <code>video</code>, so that legacy video plugins can be
   tried, or to show text to the users of these older browsers informing
   them of how to access the video contents.</p>
   <p class="note">In particular, this content is not intended to
   address accessibility concerns. To make video content accessible to
@@ -28208,20 +28208,26 @@ interface <dfn>HTMLAudioElement</dfn> : <span>HTMLMediaElement</span> {};</pre>
   tracks. For the purposes of a <span>media element</span>, the video
   data of the <span>media resource</span> is only that of the
   currently selected track (if any) given by the element's <code
   title="dom-media-videoTracks">videoTracks</code> attribute, and the
   audio data of the <span>media resource</span> is the result of
   mixing all the currently enabled tracks (if any) given by the
   element's <code title="dom-media-audioTracks">audioTracks</code>
 <!--START w3c-html--><!--CONTROLLER-->
+  <p class="note">Both <code>audio</code> and <code>video</code>
+  elements can be used for both audio and video. The main difference
+  between the two is simply that the <code>audio</code> element has no
+  playback area for visual content (such as video or captions),
+  whereas the <code>video</code> element does.</p>
   <div class="impl">
   <p>Except where otherwise specified, the <span>task source</span>
   for all the tasks <span title="queue a task">queued</span> in this
   section and its subsections is the <dfn>media element event task