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5346clarify that history traversal happens in cases other than going back/forward2010-08-25 00:15
@@ -68776,21 +68776,29 @@ State: <OUTPUT NAME=I>1</OUTPUT> <INPUT VALUE="Increment" TYPE=BUTTON O
   <h4>History traversal</h4> <!-- session history -->
   <div class="impl">
   <p>When a user agent is required to <dfn>traverse the history</dfn>
   to a <i>specified entry</i>, optionally with <span>replacement
-  enabled</span>, the user agent must act as follows:</p>
+  enabled</span>, the user agent must act as follows.</p>
+  <p class="note">This algorithm is not just invoked when <span
+  title="traverse the history by a delta">explicitly going back or
+  forwards in the session history</span> &mdash; it is also invoked in
+  other situations, for example when <span title="navigate">navigating
+  a browsing context</span>, as part of <span title="update the session
+  history with the new page">updating the session history with the new
+  page</span>.</p>
    <li><p>If there is no longer a <code>Document</code> object for the
    entry in question, the user agent must <span>navigate</span> the
    browsing context to the location for that entry to perform an
    <span>entry update</span> of that entry, and abort these steps. The
    "<span>navigate</span>" algorithm reinvokes this "traverse"
    algorithm to complete the traversal, at which point there
    <em>is</em> a <code>Document</code> object and so this step gets