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4840minor MIMESNIFf synchronisation2010-03-11 04:46
Index: source
--- source	(revision 4839)
+++ source	(revision 4840)
@@ -5021,12 +5021,13 @@
   in the Content-Type Processing Model specification. It either
   returns an encoding or nothing. <a
+  <p class="XXX">The above is out of date now that the relevant section has been removed from MIMESNIFF. Stay tuned; I'll bring it back here soon.</p>
   <p>The <dfn title="Content-Type sniffing">sniffed type of a
   resource</dfn> must be found in a manner consistent with the
   requirements given in the Content-Type Processing Model
-  specification for finding that <i>sniffed type</i>. <a
-  href="#refsMIMESNIFF">[MIMESNIFF]</a></p>
+  specification for finding the <i>sniffed-type</i> of the relevant
+  sequence of octets. <a href="#refsMIMESNIFF">[MIMESNIFF]</a></p>
   <p>The <dfn title="Content-Type sniffing: image">rules for sniffing
   images specifically</dfn> and the <dfn title="Content-Type sniffing: