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4067correct an example2009-10-03 02:28
@@ -49395,22 +49395,22 @@ contradict people?
 <pre>&lt;section itemscope itemtype="">
  &lt;h1 itemprop="name com.example.fn">Hedral&lt;/h1>
  &lt;p itemprop="desc">Hedral is a male american domestic
  shorthair, with a fluffy &lt;span
  itemprop="com.example.color">black&lt;/span> fur with &lt;span
  itemprop="com.example.color">white&lt;/span> paws and belly.&lt;/p>
  &lt;img itemprop="img" src="hedral.jpeg" alt="" title="Hedral, age 18 months">
-   <p>This example has one item with two types and the following
-   properties:</p>
+   <p>This example has one item with the type ""
+   and the following properties:</p>