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40397700Define 'abort' event half-heartedly. Any improvement suggestions welcome.2009-09-29 09:03
@@ -62816,20 +62816,35 @@ NETWORK:
   <p>The <dfn
   attribute represents the message to show the user. When the event is
   created, the attribute must be set to the empty string. On getting,
   it must return the last value it was set to. On setting, the
   attribute must be set to the new value.</p>
+  <h4>Aborting a document load</h4>
+  <p>If the user cancels any instance of the <span
+  title="fetch">fetching algorithm</span> in the context of a
+  <code>Document</code> in a <span>browsing context</span>, then, if
+  that <code>Document</code> is an <span>active document</span>, the
+  user agent must <span>fire a simple event</span> called <code
+  title="event-abort">abort</code> at that <code>Document</code>'s
+  <code>Window</code> object.</p>
+  <!-- I'd love to make this more precise, anyone have any suggestions
+  on what it should say? -->
   <h3>Structured client-side storage</h3>  <!--START storage--><!--END html5-->
   <p><i>This section is non-normative.</i></p>
   <p>This specification introduces two related mechanisms, similar to
   HTTP session cookies, for storing structured data on the client
   side. <a href="#refsCOOKIES">[COOKIES]</a></p>