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3981remove the 'out of scope' section2009-09-23 13:05
@@ -89135,81 +89135,20 @@ interface <span>HTMLDocument</span> {
   presence of <code title="dom-document-all">document.all</code> as a
   way to detect legacy user agents, and one that only supports those
   legacy user agents and uses the <code
   title="dom-document-all">document.all</code> object without testing
   for its presence first. <a href="#refsECMA262">[ECMA262]</a></p>
-  <h2 id="no">Things that you can't do with this specification because
-  they are better handled using other technologies that are further
-  described herein</h2>
-  <p><i>This section is non-normative.</i></p>
-  <p>There are certain features that are not handled by this
-  specification because a client side markup language is not the right
-  level for them, or because the features exist in other languages
-  that can be integrated into this one. This section covers some of
-  the more common requests.</p>
-  <!-- There are also certain features that are not handled by this
-  specification or any other, but that SHOULD be handled by another
-  specification:
-    * find object at (x,y)
-    * find mouse position
-    * screen object: top left width height pixelDepth colorDepth
-      availWidth availHeight availLeft availTop
-    * methods/properties for managing scrolling, especially in <textarea>,
-      such as .scrollTop and .scrollHeight in Mozilla
-    * support access Array element via () instead of [] (IEism)
-    * Need to say that NodeList's items are enumerable, so that
-        for (var x in myNodeList) { }
- (ack Dethe Elza)
-    * a way to show icons for file types
-      e.g.
-      (this should probably be a function for the 'content',
-      'background-image' and 'list-style-image' properties in CSS)
-    * custom syntax highlighting in <textarea>, <pre> (ack Ryan Johnson)
-      (this would probably best be done as some sort of output filter
-      at the CSS level, rather than anything HTML-specific. It would
-      have to support both <textarea>, where the data isn't in the
-      DOM proper, and <pre>, where it is.)
-  XXX should ensure these are filed with the relevant people and groups
-  -->
-  <h3>Localization</h3>
-  <p>If you wish to create localized versions of an HTML application,
-  the best solution is to preprocess the files on the server, and then
-  use HTTP content negotiation to serve the appropriate language.</p>
-  <!-- <p>XXX example here</p> -->
-  <h3>Declarative 3D scenes</h3>
-  <p>Embedding 3D imagery into XHTML documents is the domain of X3D,
-  or technologies based on X3D that are namespace-aware.</p>
-  <!-- <p>XXX example here</p> -->
   <h2 class="no-num">IANA considerations</h2>
   <!-- -->
   <p>This registration is for community review and will be submitted
   to the IESG for review, approval, and registration with IANA.</p>