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3978Mention <atom:entry> is similar to <article>2009-09-23 07:14
@@ -13959,20 +13959,25 @@ not-slash     = %x0000-002E / %x0030-10FFFF
   principle related to the contents of the outer article. For
   instance, a Web log entry on a site that accepts user-submitted
   comments could represent the comments as <code>article</code>
   elements nested within the <code>article</code> element for the Web
   log entry.</p>
   <p>Author information associated with an <code>article</code>
   element (q.v. the <code>address</code> element) does not apply to
   nested <code>article</code> elements.</p>
+  <p class="note">When used specifically with content to be
+  redistributed in syndication, the <code>article</code> element is
+  similar in purpose to the <code title="">entry</code> element in
+  Atom. <a href="#refsATOM">[ATOM]</a>
   <div id="article-example" class="example">
    <p>This example shows a blog post using the <code>article</code>
   &lt;h1>The Very First Rule of Life&lt;/h1>
   &lt;p>&lt;time pubdate datetime="2009-10-09T14:28-08:00">&lt;/time>&lt;/p>