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39627527[Tools] Update the outline algorithm to generate implicit headings, and to create a new section for headings that come after subsections that come before the first heading of their parent section.2009-09-22 10:49
Index: source
--- source	(revision 3961)
+++ source	(revision 3962)
@@ -14891,6 +14891,11 @@
+      <p>If <var title="">current outlinee</var> is not null, and the
+      <var title="">current section</var> has no heading, create an
+      implied heading and let that be the heading for the <var
+      title="">current section</var>.</p>
       <p>If <var title="">current outlinee</var> is not null, push
       <var title="">current outlinee</var> onto the stack.</p>