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3905profile='' processing; example for <object>; add link to research for dialog suggestions2009-09-18 20:30
Index: source
--- source	(revision 3904)
+++ source	(revision 3905)
@@ -22309,8 +22309,33 @@
+  <div class="example">
+   <p>The following example shows how the <code>param</code> element
+   can be used to pass a parameter to a plugin, in this case the Flash
+   plugin.</p>
+   <pre>&lt;!DOCTYPE HTML>
+&lt;html lang="en">
+ &lt;head>
+  &lt;title>Flash test page&lt;/title>
+ &lt;/head>
+ &lt;body>
+  &lt;p>
+   &lt;object type="application/x-shockwave-flash">
+    <strong>&lt;param name=movie value=""></strong>
+    This page requires the use of a proprietary technology. Since you
+    have not installed the software product required to view this
+    page, you should try visiting another site that instead uses open
+    vendor-neutral technologies.
+   &lt;/object> 
+  &lt;/p>
+ &lt;/body>
+  </div>
   <h4 id="video">The <dfn><code>video</code></dfn> element</h4>
   <dl class="element">
@@ -47884,6 +47909,8 @@
+  <!-- -->
   <p>This specification does not define a specific element for marking
   up conversations, meeting minutes, chat transcripts, dialogues in
   screenplays, instant message logs, and other situations where
@@ -88125,17 +88152,32 @@
   <p>When the attribute would be used as a globally unique name, the
   user agent should instead always assume that all known profiles
   apply to all pages, and should therefore apply the conventions of
-  all known metadata profiles to the document.</p>
+  all known metadata profiles to the document, ignoring the value of
+  the attribute.</p>
   <p>When the attribute's value would be handled as a <span>URL</span>
-  and dereferenced, the user agent may <span title="resolve a
-  url">resolve</span> the attribute's value, and if that is
-  successful, may then <span>fetch</span> the resulting <span>absolute
-  URL</span> and apply the appropriate processing.</p>
+  and dereferenced, the user agent must use the following steps:</p>
+  <ol>
+   <li><p><span title="split a string on spaces">Split on
+   spaces</span> the the value of the <code
+   title="attr-meta-profile">profile</code> attribute.</p></li>
+   <li><p><span title="resolve a url">Resolve</span> each resulting
+   token relative to the <code>meta</code> element.</p></li>
+   <li><p>For each token that is successfully resolved,
+   <span>fetch</span> the resulting <span>absolute URL</span> and
+   apply the appropriate processing.</p></li>
+  </ol>
   <p>The <dfn title="dom-head-profile"><code>profile</code></dfn> IDL
   attribute of the <code>head</code> element must <span>reflect</span>
-  the content attribute of the same name.</p>
+  the content attribute of the same name, as if the attribute's value
+  was just a string. (In other words, the value is not <span
+  title="resolve a url">resolved</span> in any way on getting.)</p>