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3887Define <area> focusability.2009-09-18 05:06
@@ -15054,23 +15054,20 @@ isn't his only passion. He also enjoys other pleasures.&lt;/p>
         node = node.parentNode;
-  <!-- XXX i should add a usage summary here -->
   <h3>Grouping content</h3>
   <h4>The <dfn><code>p</code></dfn> element</h4>
   <dl class="element">
    <dd><span>Flow content</span>.</dd>
    <dd><span><code title="">formatBlock</code> candidate</span>.</dd>
    <dt>Contexts in which this element may be used:</dt>
@@ -65905,25 +65902,20 @@ interface <dfn>SQLTransactionSync</dfn> {
   <p>User agents should make the following elements
   <span>focusable</span>, unless platform conventions dictate
    <li><code>a</code> elements that have an <code
    title="attr-hyperlink-href">href</code> attribute</li>
-   <li class="XXX"><code>area</code> elements that have an <code
-   title="attr-hyperlink-href">href</code> attribute</li> <!-- should
-   define the behavior in the face of multiple images and in the face
-   of no images -->
    <li><code>link</code> elements that have an <code
    title="attr-link-href">href</code> attribute</li>
    <li><code>button</code> elements that are not <span
    <li><code>input</code> elements whose <code
    title="attr-input-type">type</code> attribute are not in the
    <span title="attr-input-type-hidden">Hidden</span> state and that
    are not <span title="concept-fe-disabled">disabled</span></li>
@@ -65937,20 +65929,26 @@ interface <dfn>SQLTransactionSync</dfn> {
    <li><code>command</code> elements that do not have a <code
    title="attr-command-disabled">disabled</code> attribute</li>
    <li>Elements with a <code title="attr-draggable">draggable</code>
    attribute set, if that would enable the user agent to allow the
    user to begin a drag operations for those elements without the use
    of a pointing device</li>
+  <p>In addition, each shape that is generated for an
+  <code>area</code> element should be <span>focusable</span>, unless
+  platform conventions dictate otherwise. (A single <code>area</code>
+  element can correspond to multiple shapes, since image maps can be
+  reused with multiple images on a page.)</p>
   <p>The <dfn title="dom-tabIndex"><code>tabIndex</code></dfn> IDL
   attribute must <span>reflect</span> the value of the <code
   title="attr-tabindex">tabindex</code> content attribute. If the
   attribute is not present, or parsing its value returns an error,
   then the IDL attribute must return 0 for elements that are focusable
   and &#x2212;1 for elements that are not focusable.</p>