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3875Make document.domain and history.back() release the storage mutex.2009-09-16 10:45
@@ -55514,20 +55514,22 @@ interface <dfn>Window</dfn> {
       UseSTD3ASCIIRules flags set, in an <span>ASCII
       case-insensitive</span> manner. <a
+   <li><p>Release the <span>storage mutex</span>.</p></li>
     <p>Set the attribute's value to <var title="">new value</var>.</p>
     <p>Set the host part of the <span>effective script origin</span>
     tuple of the <code>Document</code> to <var title="">new
@@ -60516,20 +60518,26 @@ style/default.css</pre>
    <li><p>Let <var title="">specified entry</var> be the entry in the
    <span>joint session history</span> whose index is the sum of <var
    title="">delta</var> and the index of the <span>current entry of
    the joint session history</span>.</p></li>
    <li><p>Let <var title="">specified browsing context</var> be the
    <span>browsing context</span> of the <var title="">specified
+   <li><p>If the <code>Document</code> of the <var title="">specified
+   entry</var> of the <var title="">specified browsing context</var>
+   is not the same as the <code>Document</code> of the <span>current
+   entry</span> of the <var title="">specified browsing context</var>,
+   then release the <span>storage mutex</span>.</p></li>
    <li><p><span>Traverse the history</span> of the <var
    title="">specified browsing context</var> to the <var
    title="">specified entry</var>.</p>
   <p>When the user navigates through a <span>browsing context</span>,
   e.g. using a browser's back and forward buttons, the user agent must
   translate this action into the equivalent invocations of the <code
   title="dom-history-go">history.go(<var title="">delta</var>)</code>