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3841[Authors] <aside> tweaks.2009-09-14 09:44
@@ -13921,31 +13921,34 @@ not-slash     = %x0000-002E / %x0030-10FFFF
    <dt>DOM interface:</dt>
    <dd>Uses <code>HTMLElement</code>.</dd>
   <p>The <code>aside</code> element <span>represents</span> a section
   of a page that consists of content that is tangentially related to
   the content around the <code>aside</code> element, and which could
   be considered separate from that content. Such sections are often
   represented as sidebars in printed typography.</p>
-  <p>The element can also be used for typographical effects like pull
-  quotes.</p>
+  <p>The element can be used for typographical effects like pull
+  quotes or sidebars, for advertising, for groups of <code>nav</code>
+  elements, and for other content that is considered separate from the
+  main content of the page.</p>
   <p class="note">It's not appropriate to use the <code>aside</code>
   element just for parentheticals, since those are part of the main
   flow of the document.</p>
   <div class="example">
    <p>The following example shows how an aside is used to mark up
-   background material on Switzerland in a much longer news story on Europe.</p>
+   background material on Switzerland in a much longer news story on
+   Europe.</p>
  &lt;p>Switzerland, a land-locked country in the middle of geographic
  Europe, has not joined the geopolitical European Union, though it is
  a signatory to a number of European treaties.&lt;/p>
@@ -13969,20 +13972,95 @@ now.&lt;/q>&lt;/p>
  paid to do my hobby, so I never know what to answer. &lt;/q>
 &lt;p>Of course his work &mdash; or should that be hobby? &mdash;
 isn't his only passion. He also enjoys other pleasures.&lt;/p>
+  <div class="example">
+   <p>The following extract shows how <code>aside</code> can be used
+   for blogrolls and other side content on a blog:</p>
+   <pre>&lt;body>
+ &lt;header>
+  &lt;h1>My wonderful blog&lt;/h1>
+  &lt;p>My tagline&lt;/p>
+ &lt;/header>
+ &lt;aside>
+  &lt;!-- <em>this aside contains two sections that are tangentially related
+  to the page, namely, links to other blogs, and links to blog posts
+  from this blog</em> -->
+  &lt;nav>
+   &lt;h1>My blogroll&lt;/h1>
+   &lt;ul>
+    &lt;li>&lt;a href="">Example Blog&lt;/a>
+   &lt;/ul>
+  &lt;/nav>
+  &lt;nav>
+   &lt;h1>Archives&lt;/h1>
+   &lt;ol reversed>
+    &lt;li>&lt;a href="/last-post">My last post&lt;/a>
+    &lt;li>&lt;a href="/first-post">My first post&lt;/a>
+   &lt;/ol>
+  &lt;/nav>
+ &lt;/aside>
+ &lt;aside>
+  &lt;!-- <em>this aside is tangentially related to the page also, it
+  contains twitter messages from the blog author</em> -->
+  &lt;h1>Twitter Feed&lt;/h1>
+  &lt;blockquote cite="">
+   &lt;p>I'm on vacation, writing my blog.&lt;/p>
+  &lt;/blockquote>
+  &lt;blockquote cite="">
+   &lt;p>I'm going to go on vacation soon.&lt;/p>
+  &lt;/blockquote>
+ &lt;/aside>
+ &lt;article>
+  &lt;!-- <em>this is a blog post</em> -->
+  &lt;h1>My last post&lt;/h1>
+  &lt;p>This is my last post.&lt;/p>
+  &lt;footer>
+   &lt;p>&lt;a href="/last-post" rel=bookmark>Permalink&lt;/a>
+  &lt;/footer>
+ &lt;/article>
+ &lt;article>
+  &lt;!-- <em>this is also a blog post</em> -->
+  &lt;h1>My last post&lt;/h1>
+  &lt;p>This is my first post.&lt;/p>
+  &lt;aside>
+   &lt;!-- <em>this aside is about the blog post, since it's inside the
+   &lt;article> element; it would be wrong, for instance, to put the
+   blogroll here, since the blogroll isn't really related to this post
+   specifically, only to the page as a whole</em> -->
+   &lt;h1>Posting&lt;/h1>
+   &lt;p>While I'm thinking about it, I wanted to say something about
+   posting. Posting is fun!&lt;/p>
+  &lt;/aside>
+  &lt;footer>
+   &lt;p>&lt;a href="/first-post" rel=bookmark>Permalink&lt;/a>
+  &lt;/footer>
+ &lt;/article>
+ &lt;footer>
+  &lt;nav>
+   &lt;a href="/archives">Archives&lt;/a> &mdash;
+   &lt;a href="/about">About me&lt;/a> &mdash;
+   &lt;a href="/copyright">Copyright&lt;/a>
+  &lt;/nav>
+ &lt;/footer>
+  </div>
   <h4>The <dfn><code>h1</code></dfn>, <dfn><code>h2</code></dfn>,
   <dfn><code>h3</code></dfn>, <dfn><code>h4</code></dfn>,
   <dfn><code>h5</code></dfn>, and <dfn><code>h6</code></dfn>
   <dl class="element">
    <dd><span>Flow content</span>.</dd>