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3837Define 'being rendered'.2009-09-14 07:18
Index: source
--- source	(revision 3836)
+++ source	(revision 3837)
@@ -42433,7 +42433,7 @@
    violation reports if appropriate (e.g. if multiple radio buttons in
    a <span title="radio button group">group</span> are marked as
    required, only one error need be reported). If one of the controls
-   is not visible to the user (e.g. it has the <code
+   is not <span>being rendered</span> (e.g. it has the <code
    title="attr-hidden">hidden</code> attribute set) then user agents
    may report a script error.</p></li>
@@ -65536,7 +65536,7 @@
   <!--!DOCTYPE%20html%3E%3Cbody%3E...%3Cform%3E%0A%3Ctextarea%20name%3Dt%20cols%3D100%20rows%3D3%3E%3C%2Ftextarea%3E%3Cp%3E%0A%3Cinput%20name%3Da%20onfocus%3D%22t.value%2B%3D%27af%20%27%3B%22%20onblur%3D%22t.value%2B%3D%27ab1%20%27%3Bb.focus()%3Bt.value%2B%3D%27ab2%20%27%3B%22%3E%0A%3Cinput%20name%3Db%20onfocus%3D%22t.value%2B%3D%27bf1%20%27%3Ba.focus()%3Bt.value%2B%3D%27bf2%20%27%3B%22%20onblur%3D%22t.value%2B%3D%27bb%20%27%3B%22%3E -->
-  <!-- XXX
+  <!-- v2: more things to define, if no other specs define them:
    - define onfocus/onblur behaviour for Window
    - Other things to look at are IE's focus APIs (HTMLElement.setActive(),
      onBeforeActivate, onActivate, onBeforeDeactivate, onDeactivate):
@@ -65692,9 +65692,7 @@
   <p>An element is <dfn>focusable</dfn> if the user agent's default
   behavior allows it to be focusable or if the element is
   <span>specially focusable</span>, but only if the element is
-  <span>being rendered</span><!-- XXX xref, define display:none,
-  orphan nodes as not being rendered, off-screen as being rendered?
-  -->.</p>
+  <span>being rendered</span>.</p>
   <p>User agents should make the following elements
   <span>focusable</span>, unless platform conventions dictate
@@ -84027,6 +84025,21 @@
   language). User agents are encouraged to adapt the suggestions in
   this section to their target media.</p>
+  <hr>
+  <p>An element is <dfn>being rendered</dfn> if it is <span>in a
+  <code>Document</code></span>, either its parent node is itself
+  <span>being rendered</span> or it is the <code>Document</code> node,
+  and it is not explicitly excluded from the rendering using the CSS
+  'display' property's 'none' value or equivalent in other styling
+  languages.</p>
+  <p class="note">Just being off-screen does not mean the element is
+  not <span>being rendered</span>. The presence of the <code
+  title="attr-hidden">hidden</code> attribute normaly means the
+  element is not <span>being rendered</span>, though this might be
+  overriden by the style sheets.</p>