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3717[Opera] [Webkit] Tighten up the definition of the e-mail address syntax.2009-08-31 05:53
@@ -35050,25 +35050,34 @@ interface <dfn>HTMLFormElement</dfn> : <span>HTMLElement</span> {
   <p>A <dfn>valid e-mail address list</dfn> is a <span>set of
   comma-separated tokens</span>, where each token is itself a
   <span>valid e-mail address</span>. <span class="impl">To obtain the
   list of tokens from a <span>valid e-mail address list</span>, the
   user agent must <span title="split a string on commas">split the
   string on commas</span>.</span></p>
   <p>A <dfn>valid e-mail address</dfn> is a string that matches the
   ABNF production <code
-  title="">1*(&nbsp;atext&nbsp;/&nbsp;"."&nbsp;)&nbsp;"@"&nbsp;dot-atom-text</code>
-  where <code title="">atext</code> and <code
-  title="">dot-atom-text</code> are defined in RFC 5322 section
-  3.2.3. <a href="#refsABNF">[ABNF]</a> <a
-  href="#refsRFC5322">[RFC5322]</a></p>
+  title="">1*(&nbsp;atext&nbsp;/&nbsp;"."&nbsp;)&nbsp;"@"&nbsp;ldh-str&nbsp;1*(&nbsp;"."&nbsp;ldh-str&nbsp;)</code>
+  where <code title="">atext</code> is defined in RFC 5322 section
+  3.2.3, and <code title="">ldh-str</code> is defined in RFC 1034
+  section 3.5. <a href="#refsABNF">[ABNF]</a> <a
+  href="#refsRFC5322">[RFC5322]</a> <a
+  href="#refsRFC1034">[RFC1034]</a></p> <!-- Domain syntax based on
+  section 3.5 of [RFC1034] and section 2.1 of [RFC1123] -->
+  <p class="note">This requirement is a <span>willful violation</span>
+  of RFC 5322, which defines a syntax for e-mail addresses that is
+  simultaneously too strict (before the "@" character), too vague
+  (after the "@" character), and too lax (allowing comments, white
+  space characters, and quoted strings in manners unfamiliar to most
+  users) to be of practical use here.</p>
   <div class="bookkeeping impl">
    <p>The following common <code>input</code> element content
    attributes, IDL attributes, and methods apply to the element:
    <code title="attr-input-autocomplete">autocomplete</code>,
    <code title="attr-input-list">list</code>,
    <code title="attr-input-maxlength">maxlength</code>,
    <code title="attr-input-multiple">multiple</code>,
    <code title="attr-input-pattern">pattern</code>,
@@ -87595,20 +87604,25 @@ interface <span>HTMLDocument</span> {
    Events</a></cite>, C. McCathieNevile. W3C, May 2008.</dd>
    Events</a></cite>, C. McCathieNevile. W3C, March 2009.</dd>
    <dt id="refsPSL">[PSL]</dt>
    <dd><cite><a href="">Public Suffix List</a></cite>.
    Mozilla Foundation.</dd>
+   <dt id="refsRFC1034">[RFC1034]</dt>
+   <dd><cite><a href="">Domain
+   Names - Concepts and Facilities</a></cite>, P. Mockapetris. IETF,
+   November 1987.</dd>
    <dt id="refsRFC1345">[RFC1345]</dt>
    <dd><cite><a href="">Character Mnemonics
    and Character Sets</a></cite>, K. Simonsen. IETF, June 1992.</dd>
    <dt id="refsRFC1468">[RFC1468]</dt>
    <dd><cite><a href="">Japanese Character
    Encoding for Internet Messages</a></cite>, J. Murai, M. Crispin, E. van der
    Poel. IETF, June 1993.</dd>
    <dt id="refsRFC1494">[RFC1494]</dt>