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3410[Gecko] [Internet Explorer] [Opera] [Webkit] document.all uses HTMLAllCollection. Also, add a note about webkitPreservesPitch.2009-07-15 00:14
@@ -21601,20 +21601,24 @@ interface <dfn>CueRangeCallback</dfn> {
     * feedback to the script on how well the video is playing
        - frames per second?
        - skipped frames per second?
        - an event that reports playback difficulties?
        - an arbitrary quality metric?
     * bufferingRate/bufferingThrottled (see v3BUF)
     * events for when the user agent's controls get shown or hidden
       so that the author's controls can get away of the UA's
+  <!-- v2 features that already have experimental implementations:
+    * webkitPreservesPitch (for when playbackRate != 1.0)
+  -->
   <p><span title="media element">Media elements</span> are used to
   present audio data, or video and audio data, to the user. This is
   referred to as <dfn>media data</dfn> in this section, since this
   section applies equally to <span title="media element">media
   elements</span> for audio or for video. The term <dfn>media
   resource</dfn> is used to refer to the complete set of media data,
   e.g. the complete video file, or complete audio file.</p>
   <div class="impl">
@@ -84128,21 +84132,21 @@ time:empty { binding: <i title="">time</i>; }</pre>
   <pre class="idl">[Supplemental] interface <span>HTMLDocument</span> {
            attribute DOMString <span title="dom-document-fgColor">fgColor</span>;
            attribute DOMString <span title="dom-document-bgColor">bgColor</span>;
            attribute DOMString <span title="dom-document-linkColor">linkColor</span>;
            attribute DOMString <span title="dom-document-vlinkColor">vlinkColor</span>;
            attribute DOMString <span title="dom-document-alinkColor">alinkColor</span>;
   readonly attribute <span>HTMLCollection</span> <span title="dom-document-anchors">anchors</span>;
   readonly attribute <span>HTMLCollection</span> <span title="dom-document-applets">applets</span>;
-  readonly attribute <span>HTMLCollection</span> <span title="dom-document-all">all</span>;
+  readonly attribute <span>HTMLAllCollection</span> <span title="dom-document-all">all</span>;
   <p>The <dfn title="dom-document-fgColor"><code>fgColor</code></dfn>
   attribute on the <code>Document</code> object must
   <span>reflect</span> the <code title="attr-body-text">text</code>
   attribute on <span>the body element</span>.</p>
   <p>The <dfn title="dom-document-bgColor"><code>bgColor</code></dfn>
   attribute on the <code>Document</code> object must
   <span>reflect</span> the <code title="attr-body-bgcolor">bgcolor</code>
@@ -84176,21 +84180,21 @@ time:empty { binding: <i title="">time</i>; }</pre>
   <p>The <dfn title="dom-document-applets"><code>applets</code></dfn>
   attribute must return an <code>HTMLCollection</code> rooted at the
   <code>Document</code> node, whose filter matches only
   <code>applet</code> elements.</p>
   <p>The <dfn title="dom-document-all"><code>all</code></dfn>
-  attribute must return an <code>HTMLCollection</code> rooted at the
+  attribute must return an <code>HTMLAllCollection</code> rooted at the
   <code>Document</code> node, whose filter matches all elements.</p>
   <p>The object returned for <code title="dom-document-all">all</code>
   has several unusual behaviors:</p>
    <li><p>The user agent must act as if the ToBoolean() operator in
    JavaScript converts the object returned for <code
    title="dom-document-all">all</code> to the false value.</p></li>