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   page as a whole.</p>
+  <h5>Link type "<dfn title="rel-external"><code>external</code></dfn>"</h5>
+  <p>The <code title="rel-external">external</code> keyword may be
+  used with <code>a</code> and <code>area</code> elements.</p>
+  <p>The <code title="rel-external">external</code> keyword indicates
+  that the link is leading to a document that is not part of the site
+  that the current document forms a part of.</p>
+  <h5>Link type "<dfn title="rel-feed"><code>feed</code></dfn>"</h5>
+  <p>The <code title="rel-feed">feed</code> keyword may be used with
+  <code>link</code>, <code>a</code>, and <code>area</code>
+  elements. For <code>link</code> elements, it creates a <span
+  title="hyperlink link">hyperlink</span>.</p>
+  <p>The <code title="rel-feed">feed</code> keyword indicates that the
+  referenced document is a syndication feed. If the <code
+  title="rel-alternate">alternate</code> link type is also specified,
+  then the feed is specifically the feed for the current document;
+  otherwise, the feed is just a syndication feed, not necessarily
+  associated with a particular Web page.</p>
+  <p class="note">The <code title="rel-feed">feed</code> keyword is
+  implied by the <code title="rel-alternate">alternate</code> link
+  type in certain cases (q.v.).</p>
+  <div class="example">
+   <p>The following two <code>link</code> elements are equivalent:
+   both give the syndication feed for the current page:</p>
+   <pre>&lt;link rel="alternate" type="application/atom+xml" href="data.xml"></pre>
+   <pre>&lt;link rel="feed alternate" href="data.xml"></pre>
+   <p>The following extract offers various different syndication
+   feeds:</p>
+   <pre> &lt;p>You can access the planets database using Atom feeds:&lt;/p>
+ &lt;ul>
+  &lt;li>&lt;a href="recently-visited-planets.xml" rel="feed">Recently Visited Planets&lt;/a>&lt;/li>
+  &lt;li>&lt;a href="known-bad-planets.xml" rel="feed">Known Bad Planets&lt;/a>&lt;/li>
+  &lt;li>&lt;a href="unexplored-planets.xml" rel="feed">Unexplored Planets&lt;/a>&lt;/li>
+ &lt;/ul></pre>
+  </div>
 this section defines whether a particular link type is an external resource or a hyperlink