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3050[Authors] [Conformance Checkers] Disallow <footer> in <header> since that's probably indicative of an error, so validators should probably report it. (credit: ms)2009-04-30 23:43
@@ -13254,22 +13254,22 @@ isn't his only passion. He also enjoys other pleasures.&lt;/p>
   <h4>The <dfn><code>header</code></dfn> element</h4>
   <dl class="element">
    <dd><span>Flow content</span>.</dd>
    <dt>Contexts in which this element may be used:</dt>
    <dd>Where <span>flow content</span> is expected.</dd>
    <dt>Content model:</dt>
-   <dd><span>Flow content</span>, but with no <code>header</code>
-   element descendants.</dd>
+   <dd><span>Flow content</span>, but with no <code>header</code> or
+   <code>footer</code> element descendants.</dd>
    <dt>Content attributes:</dt>
    <dd><span>Global attributes</span></dd>
    <dt>DOM interface:</dt>
    <dd>Uses <code>HTMLElement</code>.</dd>
   <p>The <code>header</code> element <span>represents</span> a group
   of introductory or navigational aids. A <code>header</code> element
   typically contains the section's heading (an
   <code>h1</code>&ndash;<code>h6</code> element or an