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3019plugins release the storage mutex2009-04-29 02:05
@@ -47285,20 +47285,26 @@ interface <dfn>Window</dfn> {
   interface responsive but not starving other task queues, and never
   processing events from any one <span>task source</span> out of
   <p>A user agent is required to have one <dfn>storage
   mutex</dfn>. This mutex is used to control access to shared state
   like cookies. At any one point, the <span>storage mutex</span> is
   either free, or owned by a particular <span>event loop</span> or
   instance of the <span title="fetch">fetching</span> algorithm.</p>
+  <p>Whenever a <span title="concept-script">script</span> calls into
+  a <span>plugin</span>, and whenever a <span>plugin</span> calls into
+  a <span title="concept-script">script</span>, the user agent must
+  release the <span>storage mutex</span>.</p>
   <h5>Processing model</h5>
   <p>An <span>event loop</span> must continually run through the
   following steps for as long as it exists:</p>
    <li><p>Run the oldest <span title="concept-task">task</span> on one
    of the <span>event loop</span>'s <span title="task queue">task