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2928[Gecko] [Internet Explorer] [Opera] [Webkit] Rendering: <textarea> also resets text-indent. (credit: avk) (bug 6659)2009-03-31 01:28
@@ -67957,20 +67957,21 @@ interface <dfn>MessagePort</dfn> {
     that attribute, and the second stream of characters must be
     empty. Otherwise, the two streams of character tokens together
     should, together with the <code>input</code> element, express the
     equivalent of "This is a searchable index. Insert your search
     keywords here: (input field)" in the user's preferred
 <!-- XXX keygen support; don't forget form element pointer!
+     Search for 'keygen' elsewhere in the spec when doing this.
    <dt>A start tag whose tag name is "keygen"</dt>
    <dt>A start tag whose tag name is "textarea"</dt>
@@ -71644,21 +71645,21 @@ table[rules=all] > tfoot > tr > td, table[rules=all] > tfoot > tr > th {
   <h4>Resetting rules for inherited properties</h4>
   <p>The following rules are also expected to be in play, resetting
   certain properties to block inheritance by default.</p>
   <pre class="css">@namespace url(;
-table, input, select, option, optgroup, button {
+table, input, select, option, optgroup, button, textarea<!--, keygen --> {
   text-indent: initial;
   <!-- arguably, the form controls' 'text-indent' lines should be in
   the sections below instead of here, but that would be far more
   complicated than this -->
   <p>In <span>quirks mode</span>, the following rules are also
   expected to apply:</p>