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2818Actually designMode does not make the document stop running scripts. That was a lie, just like the cake. Also, designMode, despite being an on/off attribute, is a string, not a boolean...2009-02-13 19:49
@@ -6322,21 +6322,21 @@ interface <dfn>HTMLDocument</dfn> {
   <span>HTMLDocument</span> <span title="dom-document-open">open</span>([Optional] in DOMString type, [Optional] in DOMString replace);
   <span>WindowProxy</span> <span title="dom-document-open">open</span>(in DOMString url, in DOMString name, in DOMString features, [Optional] in boolean replace);
   void <span title="dom-document-close">close</span>();
   void <span title="dom-document-write">write</span>([Variadic] in DOMString text);
   void <span title="dom-document-writeln">writeln</span>([Variadic] in DOMString text);
   // <span>user interaction</span>
   <span>Selection</span> <span title="dom-document-getSelection">getSelection</span>();
   readonly attribute <span>Element</span> <span title="dom-document-activeElement">activeElement</span>;
   boolean <span title="dom-document-hasFocus">hasFocus</span>();
-           attribute boolean <span title="dom-document-designMode">designMode</span>;
+           attribute DOMString <span title="dom-document-designMode">designMode</span>;
   boolean <span title="dom-document-execCommand">execCommand</span>(in DOMString commandId);
   boolean <span title="dom-document-execCommand">execCommand</span>(in DOMString commandId, in boolean showUI);
   boolean <span title="dom-document-execCommand">execCommand</span>(in DOMString commandId, in boolean showUI, in DOMString value);
   boolean <span title="dom-document-queryCommandEnabled">queryCommandEnabled</span>(in DOMString commandId);
   boolean <span title="dom-document-queryCommandIndeterm">queryCommandIndeterm</span>(in DOMString commandId);
   boolean <span title="dom-document-queryCommandState">queryCommandState</span>(in DOMString commandId);
   boolean <span title="dom-document-queryCommandSupported">queryCommandSupported</span>(in DOMString commandId);
   DOMString <span title="dom-document-queryCommandValue">queryCommandValue</span>(in DOMString commandId);
   readonly attribute <span>HTMLCollection</span> <span title="dom-document-commands">commands</span>;
@@ -49483,26 +49483,20 @@ at the first element with the given ID must be treated as if it was cloned and r
   <p>When <code title="dom-document-designMode">designMode</code> is
   enabled, the DOM attribute must return the value "<code
   title="">on</code>", and when it is disabled, it must return the
   value "<code title="">off</code>".</p>
   <p>The last state set must persist until the document is destroyed
   or the state is changed. Initially, documents must have their <code
   title="dom-document-designMode">designMode</code> disabled.</p>
-<!-- XXX does designMode disable scripting or not?
-  <p>Enabling <code title="dom-document-designMode">designMode</code>
-  <a href="#designModeScriptBlocked">causes scripts in general to be
-  disabled</a> and the document to become editable.</p>
   <h3>Spelling and grammar checking</h3>
   <p>User agents can support the checking of spelling and grammar of
   editable text, either in form controls (such as the value of
   <code>textarea</code> elements), or in elements in an <span>editing
   host</span> (using <code