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2814[Gecko] [Internet Explorer] [Opera] [Webkit] provide a .value API for <input type=file>2009-02-13 07:32
@@ -28297,21 +28297,21 @@ interface <dfn>HTMLFormElement</dfn> : <span>HTMLElement</span> {
 <!-- <td class="yes"> <span title="dom-input-value-value">value</span>      Date -->
 <!-- <td class="yes"> <span title="dom-input-value-value">value</span>      Month -->
 <!-- <td class="yes"> <span title="dom-input-value-value">value</span>      Week -->
 <!-- <td class="yes"> <span title="dom-input-value-value">value</span>      Time -->
      <td class="yes"> <span title="dom-input-value-value">value</span> <!-- Local Date and Time -->
 <!-- <td class="yes"> <span title="dom-input-value-value">value</span>      Number -->
      <td class="yes"> <span title="dom-input-value-value">value</span> <!-- Range -->
      <td class="yes"> <span title="dom-input-value-value">value</span> <!-- Color -->
      <td class="yes"> <span title="dom-input-value-default-on">default/on</span> <!-- Checkbox -->
 <!-- <td class="yes"> <span title="dom-input-value-default-on">default/on</span>      Radio Button -->
-     <td class="no"> &middot; <!-- File Upload -->
+     <td class="yes"> <span title="dom-input-value-filename">filename</span> <!-- File Upload -->
      <td class="yes"> <span title="dom-input-value-default">default</span> <!-- Submit Button -->
      <td class="yes"> <span title="dom-input-value-default">default</span> <!-- Image Button -->
      <td class="yes"> <span title="dom-input-value-default">default</span> <!-- Reset Button -->
 <!-- <td class="yes"> <span title="dom-input-value-default">default</span>      Button -->
      <th> <code title="dom-input-valueAsDate">valueAsDate</code>
      <td class="no"> &middot; <!-- Hidden -->
      <td class="no"> &middot; <!-- Text -->
 <!-- <td class="no"> &middot;      Search -->
@@ -30672,20 +30672,23 @@ interface <dfn>HTMLFormElement</dfn> : <span>HTMLElement</span> {
   <div class="bookkeeping">
    <p>The following common <code>input</code> element content
    attributes apply to the element:
    <code title="attr-input-accept">accept</code>,
    <code title="attr-input-multiple">multiple</code>, and
    <code title="attr-input-required">required</code>.</p>
+   <p>The <code title="dom-input-value">value</code> DOM attribute is
+   in mode <span title="dom-input-value-filename">filenmae</span>.</p>
    <p>The <code title="event-input-change">change</code> event applies.</p>
    <p>The following content attributes must not be specified and do not
    apply to the element:
    <code class="no-backref" title="attr-fs-action">action</code>,
    <code class="no-backref" title="attr-input-alt">alt</code>,
    <code class="no-backref" title="attr-input-autocomplete">autocomplete</code>,
    <code class="no-backref" title="attr-input-checked">checked</code>,
    <code class="no-backref" title="attr-fs-enctype">enctype</code>,
    <code class="no-backref" title="attr-dim-height">height</code>,
@@ -30704,21 +30707,20 @@ interface <dfn>HTMLFormElement</dfn> : <span>HTMLElement</span> {
    <code class="no-backref" title="attr-fs-target">target</code>, and
    <code class="no-backref" title="attr-dim-width">width</code>.</p>
    <p>The element's <code title="attr-input-value">value</code>
    attribute must be omitted.</p>
    <p>The following DOM attributes and methods do not apply to the element:
    <code class="no-backref" title="dom-input-checked">checked</code>,
    <code class="no-backref" title="dom-input-list">list</code>,
    <code class="no-backref" title="dom-input-selectedOption">selectedOption</code>,
-   <code class="no-backref" title="dom-input-value">value</code>,
    <code class="no-backref" title="dom-input-valueAsDate">valueAsDate</code> and
    <code class="no-backref" title="dom-input-valueAsNumber">valueAsNumber</code> DOM attributes;
    <code class="no-backref" title="dom-input-stepDown">stepDown()</code> and
    <code class="no-backref" title="dom-input-stepUp">stepUp()</code> methods.</p>
    <p>The <code title="event-input-input">input</code> event does not
@@ -31673,22 +31675,22 @@ You cannot complete this form until the field is correct.</samp></pre>
   <h5>Common <code>input</code> element APIs</h5>
   <p>The <dfn title="dom-input-value"><code>value</code></dfn> DOM
   attribute allows scripts to manipulate the <span
   title="concept-fe-value">value</span> of an <code>input</code>
-  element. If the attribute applies, then it is in one of the
-  following modes, which define its behavior:</p>
+  element. The attribute is in one of the following modes, which
+  define its behavior:</p>
    <dt><dfn title="dom-input-value-value">value</dfn>
    <dd>On getting, it must return the current <span
    title="concept-fe-value">value</span> of the element. On setting,
    it must set the element's <span
    title="concept-fe-value">value</span> to the new value, set the
    element's <span title="concept-input-value-dirty-flag">dirty value
@@ -31708,24 +31710,30 @@ You cannot complete this form until the field is correct.</samp></pre>
    <dt><dfn title="dom-input-value-default-on">default/on</dfn>
    <dd>On getting, if the element has a <code
    title="attr-input-value">value</code> attribute, it must return
    that attribute's value; otherwise, it must return the string "<code
    title="">on</code>". On setting, it must set the element's <code
    title="attr-input-value">value</code> attribute to the new
-  </dl>
+   <dt><dfn title="dom-input-value-filename">filename</dfn>
+   <dd>On getting, it must return the string "<code
+   title="">c:\fakepath\</code>" followed by the filename of the first
+   file in the list of <span
+   title="concept-input-type-file-selected">selected files</span>, if
+   any, or the empty string if the list is empty. On setting, it must
+   throw an <code>INVALID_ACCESS_ERR</code> exception.</dd>
-  <p>If the attribute does not apply, then on getting and setting it
-  must throw an <code>INVALID_ACCESS_ERR</code> exception.</p>
+  </dl>
   <p>The <dfn title="dom-input-checked"><code>checked</code></dfn> DOM
   attribute allows scripts to manipulate the <span
   title="concept-fe-checked">checkedness</span> of an
   <code>input</code> element. On getting, it must return the current
   <span title="concept-fe-checked">checkedness</span> of the element;
   and on setting, it must set the element's <span
   title="concept-fe-checked">checkedness</span> to the new value and