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2812[Conformance Checkers] [Gecko] [Internet Explorer] [Opera] [Webkit] [Tools] Trade willful violation of ECMAScript for unintentional violation of Unicode - update the character encoding alias rules.2009-02-13 03:21
Index: source
--- source	(revision 2811)
+++ source	(revision 2812)
@@ -40235,6 +40235,9 @@
     <code>Window</code> object will be set to the <span>script's
     browsing context</span>'s <code>Window</code> object.</p>
+    <p class="note">This is a willful violation of ECMAScript edition
+    3. <a href="#refsECMA262">[ECMA262]</a></p>
    <dt>A <dfn title="script's character encoding">character encoding</dfn></dt>
@@ -55289,11 +55292,10 @@
   <p>When comparing a string specifying a character encoding with the
   name or alias of a character encoding to determine if they are
-  equal, user agents must ignore all characters in the ranges U+0009
-  to U+000D, U+0020 to U+002F, U+003A to U+0040, U+005B to U+0060, and
-  U+007B to U+007E (all whitespace and punctuation characters in
-  ASCII) in both names, and then perform the comparison in an
-  <span>ASCII case-insensitive</span> manner.</p>
+  equal, user agents must use the Charset Alias Matching rules defined
+  in Unicode Technical Standard #22. <a
+  href="#refsUTS22">[UTS22]</a></p> <!-- XXXrefs
+ -->
   <p class="example">For instance, "GB_2312-80" and "g.b.2312(80)" are
   considered equivalent names.</p>