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2811[Gecko] [Internet Explorer] [Opera] [Webkit] 'this' in the global scope in JS shouldn't return the window object, it should return the proxy. Hopefully one day this'll move to the ES specs.2009-02-13 03:16
@@ -40206,20 +40206,26 @@ interface <dfn>Window</dfn> {
     <p>An object that provides the APIs that the code can use.</p>
     <p class="example">This is typically a <code>Window</code>
     object. In JavaScript, this corresponds to the <i>global
     <p class="note">When a <span>script's global object</span> is an
     empty object, it can't do anything that interacts with the
+    <p>If the <span>script's global object</span> is a
+    <code>Window</code> object, then in JavaScript, the <code
+    title="">this</code> keyword in the global scope must, contrary to
+    the ECMAScript specification, return the <code>Window</code>
+    object's <code>WindowProxy</code> object.</p>
    <dt>A relationship with the <dfn>script's browsing context</dfn></dt>
     <p>A <span>browsing context</span> that is assigned responsibility
     for actions taken by the script.</p>
     <p class="example">When a script creates and <span