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2789Make coords='' processing (specifically error handling) more like IE for the ASCII range. (what IE does is nuts outside the ASCII range -- or rather, I can't work out what the pattern is -- so for now, we ignore that)2009-02-11 10:27
@@ -1956,21 +1956,24 @@
        <li>Append <var title="">value</var> to the <var
        title="">numbers</var> list.</li>
        <li>Jump to step 4 in the overall set of steps.</li>
-     <dt>A U+002E FULL STOP character</dt>
+     <!-- <dt>A U+002E FULL STOP character</dt> -->
+     <dt>A character in the range U+0001 .. U+001F, <!-- space --> U+0021 .. U+002B, <!-- comma --> U+002D .. U+002F, <!-- digits --> U+003A, <!-- semicolon --> U+003C .. U+0040, <!-- a-z --> U+005B .. U+0060, <!-- A-Z --> U+007b .. U+007F
+        (i.e. any other non-alphabetic ASCII character)</dt>
  IE6 on Wine treats the following characters like this also: U+1-U+1f,
  U+21-U+2b, U+2d-U+2f, U+3a, U+3c-U+40, U+5b-U+60, U+7b-U+82,
  U+84-U+89, U+8b, U+8d, U+8f-U+99, U+9b, U+9d, U+a0-U+bf, U+d7, U+f7,
  U+1f6-U+1f9, U+218-U+24f, U+2a9-U+385, U+387, U+38b, U+38d, U+3a2,
  U+3cf, U+3d7-U+3d9, U+3db, U+3dd, U+3df, U+3e1, U+3f4-U+400, U+40d,
  U+450, U+45d, U+482-U+48f, U+4c5-U+4c6, U+4c9-U+4ca, U+4cd-U+4cf,
  U+4ec-U+4ed, U+4f6-U+4f7, U+4fa-U+530, U+557-U+560, U+588-U+5cf,
  U+5eb-U+5ef, U+5f3-U+620, U+63b-U+640, U+64b-U+670, U+6b8-U+6b9,
@@ -2070,20 +2073,21 @@
        step in the overall set of steps.</li>
        <li>Let <var title="">negated</var> be false.</li>
      <dt>Any other character</dt>
+     <!-- alphabetic a-z A-Z, and non-ASCII -->
       <p>Follow these substeps:</p>
        <li>If <var title="">finished</var> is true, skip to the next
        step in the overall set of steps.</li>