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2784rendering rules for <area>2009-02-11 09:04
@@ -63029,20 +63029,31 @@ object[align=bottom] {
   <code>applet</code>, <code>embed</code>, <code>iframe</code>,
   <code>img</code>, <code>object</code> or <code>video</code>
   elements, and <code>input</code> elements with a <code
   title="attr-input-type">type</code> attribute in the <span
   title="attr-input-type-image">Image Button</span> state, <span
   title="maps to the pixel length property">map to the dimension
   properties</span> 'width' and 'height' on the element
+  <h4>Image maps</h4>
+  <p>When a user is designating a shape on an <span>image map</span>,
+  if that shape's <code>area</code> element's 'cursor' property has a
+  value explicitly specified (as opposed to inheriting it from the
+  element's parent), then the user agent is expected to use that value
+  as the cursor. Otherwise, the user agent is expected to use the
+  computed value of the 'cursor' property from the <code>img</code> or
+  <code>object</code> element.</p>
   <h4>Tool bars</h4>
   <p>When a <code>menu</code> element's <code
   title="attr-menu-type">type</code> attribute is in the <span
   title="tool bar state">tool bar</span> state, the element is
   expected to be treated as a replaced element with a height about two
   lines high and a width derived from the contents of the element.</p>
   <p>The element is expected to have, by default, the appearance of a