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2764Filling in the rendering section: <fieldset>.2009-02-06 02:15
@@ -62253,22 +62253,59 @@ hr[color], hr[noshade] { border-style: solid; }</pre>
   title="attr-hr-color">color</code> attribute, its value is expected
   to be parsed using the <span>rules for parsing a legacy color
   value</span>, and the user agent is expected to treat the attribute
   as a <span title="presentational hints">presentational hint</span>
   setting the element's 'color' property to the resulting color.</p>
   <h4>The <code>fieldset</code> element</h4>
-  <p class="XXX">...</p>
-  <!-- XXX <legend align="left|right|center|bottom|top"> -->
+  <pre class="css">@namespace url(;
+fieldset {
+  margin-left: 2px; margin-right: 2px;
+  border: groove 2px ThreeDFace;
+  padding: 0.35em 0.625em 0.75em;
+  <p>The first <code>legend</code> element child of a
+  <code>fieldset</code> element, if any, is expected to be rendered
+  over the top border edge of the <code>fieldset</code> element. If
+  the <code>legend</code> element in question has an <code
+  title="attr-legend-align">align</code> attribute, and its value is
+  an <span>ASCII case insensitive</span> match for one of the strings
+  in the first column of the following table, then the
+  <code>legend</code> is expected to be rendered horizontally aligned
+  over the border edge in the position given in the corresponding cell
+  on the same row in the second column. If the attribute is absent or
+  has a value that doesn't match any of the cases in the table, then
+  the position is expected to be on the right if the 'direction'
+  property on this element has a computed value of 'rtl', and on the
+  left otherwise.</p>
+  <table>
+   <thead>
+    <tr>
+     <th>Attribute value
+     <th>Alignment position
+   <tbody>
+    <tr>
+     <td><code title="">left</code>
+     <td>On the left
+    <tr>
+     <td><code title="">right</code>
+     <td>On the right
+    <tr>
+     <td><code title="">center</code>
+     <td>In the middle
+  </table>
   <h3>Replaced elements</h3>
   <h4>Embedded content</h4>
   <p>The <code>applet</code>, <code>canvas</code>, <code>embed</code>,
   <code>iframe</code>, and <code>video</code> elements are expected to
   be treated as replaced elements.</p>