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2761Filling in the rendering section: <figure>, minor fixes2009-02-05 09:55
@@ -61353,29 +61353,30 @@ blockquote, dir, dl, listing, menu, ol, p, plaintext, pre, ul, xmp {
   margin-top: 1em; margin-bottom: 1em;
 dir dir, dir dl, dir menu, dir ol, dir ul,
 dl dir, dl dl, dl menu, dl ol, dl ul,
 menu dir, menu dl, menu menu, menu ol, menu ul,
 ol dir, ol dl, ol menu, ol ol, ol ul,
 ul dir, ul dl, ul menu, ul ol, ul ul {
   margin-top: 0; margin-bottom: 0;
+h1 { margin-top: 0.67em; margin-bottom; 0.67em; }
+h2 { margin-top: 0.83em; margin-bottom; 0.83em; }
+h3 { margin-top: 1.00em; margin-bottom; 1.00em; }
+h4 { margin-top: 1.33em; margin-bottom; 1.33em; }
+h5 { margin-top: 1.67em; margin-bottom; 1.67em; }
+h6 { margin-top: 2.33em; margin-bottom; 2.33em; }
 dl > dd { margin-left: 40px; } /* margin-right, for rtl elements */
 dir, menu, ol, ul { padding-left: 40px; } /* margin-right, for rtl elements */
-blockquote { margin-left: 40px; margin-right: 40px; }
-h1 { margin-left: 0.67em; margin-right; 0.67em; }
-h2 { margin-left: 0.83em; margin-right; 0.83em; }
-h3 { margin-left: 1.00em; margin-right; 1.00em; }
-h4 { margin-left: 1.33em; margin-right; 1.33em; }
-h5 { margin-left: 1.67em; margin-right; 1.67em; }
-h6 { margin-left: 2.33em; margin-right; 2.33em; }
+blockquote, figure { margin-left: 40px; margin-right: 40px; }
 table { border-spacing: 2px; border-collapse: separate; }
 td, th { padding: 1px; }</pre>
   <p>For each property in the table below, given a <code>body</code>
   element, the first attribute that exists <span>maps to the pixel
   length property</span> on the <code>body</code> element. If none of
   the attributes for a property are found, or if the value of the
   attribute that was found cannot be parsed successfully, then a
   default value of 8px is expected to be used for that property
@@ -61552,21 +61553,21 @@ form { margin-bottom: 1em; }</pre>
   <pre class="css">@namespace url(;
 thead, tbody, tfoot, table > tr { vertical-align: middle; }
 tr, td, th { vertical-align: inherit; }
 sub { vertical-align: sub; }
 sup { vertical-align: super; }
-th { text-align: center; }</pre>
+th, figure > legend { text-align: center; }</pre>
   <p>The following rules are also expected to apply, as
   <span>presentational hints</span>:</p>
   <pre class="css">@namespace url(;
 table[align=left] { float: left; }
 table[align=right] { float: right; }
@@ -62827,26 +62828,20 @@
   <h4>The <code>fieldset</code> element</h4>
   <p class="XXX">...</p>
   <!-- XXX <legend align="left|right|center|bottom|top"> -->
-  <h4>The <code>figure</code> element</h4>
-  <p class="XXX">...</p>
   <h4>The <code>hr</code> element</h4>
   <p class="XXX">...</p>
   <!-- align=left|right|center (as auto margins), width=(int=>width:px; %->width:%)
        color (color implies noshade); sets 'color' which then propagates to border-color; defaults to 'gray'
        size=int, noshade
          with noshade: border-width = size/2 (default size=2 => 1px per side); solid borders; rounded corners
          without no shade: inset borders
           without noshade, size>1: height = size-2; border-width=1px
           without noshade, size=1: height = 0; border-top-width=1px only