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2735Filling in the rendering section: editorial fixes; title=''.2009-02-02 10:10
@@ -60960,36 +60960,33 @@
 [hidden], area, audio:not([controls]) base, basefont, command,
 datalist, eventsource, head, input[type=hidden], link,
 menu[type=context], meta, noembed, noframes, param, script, source,
 style, title { display: none; }</pre>
   <p>This hides all the elements that do not represent anything
-  <h3>Visual media defaults</h3>
+  <h3>Simple defaults</h3>
   <p>The CSS rules given in these subsections are expected to be used
   as the defaults for all documents that contain <span>HTML
   elements</span> when presented in visual media.</p>
   <p>Rules regarding left and right margins are given here as
   appropriate for elements whose 'direction' property is 'ltr', and
   are expected to be flipped around on elements whose 'direction'
   property is 'rtl'.</p>
-  <p class="note">These rules are not a complete description of the
-  default rendering rules expected by legacy content at this time.</p>
   <p class="XXX">Please send feedback if you can accurately describe
   rules required by legacy content.</p>
   <h4>Display types</h4>
   <pre class="css">@namespace url(;
 address, article, aside, blockquote, body, center, dd, dialog, dir,
 div, dl, dt, figure, footer, form, h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6, header, hr,
@@ -61180,33 +61177,47 @@ table {
   font-weight: initial;
   font-style: initial;
   font-variant: initial;
   font-size: initial;
   line-height: initial;
   white-space: initial;
   text-align: initial;
-  <h3>Form controls and widgets</h3>
-  <p class="XXX">...</p>
+  <h3>Self-contained features</h3>
+  <h4>The <code title="attr-title">title</code> attribute</h4>
+  <p>Given an element (e.g. the element designated by the mouse
+  cursor), if the element, or one of its ancestors, has a <code
+  title="attr-title">title</code> attribute, and the nearest such
+  attribute has a value that is not the empty string, it is expected
+  that the user agent will expose the contents of that attribute as a
+  tooltip.</p>
+  <p>U+000A LINE FEED (LF) characters are expected to cause line
+  breaks in the tooltip.</p>
+  <h4>Form controls and widgets</h4>
+  <p class="XXX">...</p>
-  <h3>Self-contained features</h3>
   <h4>The <code>marquee</code> element</h4>
   <p class="XXX">...</p>
   <h4>The <code>hr</code> element</h4>
   <p class="XXX">...</p>
   <!-- XXX
       section { }