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2698[Authors] [Conformance Checkers] Mention that rel='' is case-insensitive.2009-01-23 11:48
@@ -10674,29 +10674,21 @@ people expect to have work and what is necessary.
        <dt>If the script is from an external file</dt>
         <p>The contents of that file, interpreted as string of
         Unicode characters, are the script source.</p>
         <p>The file must be converted to Unicode using the character
         encoding given by <var>the script block's character
-        encoding</var>, regardless of any metadata given by the file's
-        <span title="Content-Type">Content-Type metadata</span>.</p>
-        <p class="XXX">This means that a UTF-16 document will
-        always assume external scripts are UTF-16...? This applies,
-        e.g., to document's created using createDocument()... It also
-        means changing document.charSet will affect the character
-        encoding used to interpret scripts, is that really what
-        happens?</p>
+        encoding</var>.</p>
        <dt>If the script is inline and <var>the script block's type</var> is a text-based language</dt>
         <p>The value of the DOM <code
         title="dom-script-text">text</code> attribute at the time the
         "<span>running a script</span>" algorithm was first invoked is
@@ -46431,20 +46423,26 @@ interface <dfn>SQLStatementErrorCallback</dfn> {
   <p>To determine which link types apply to a <code>link</code>,
   <code>a</code>, or <code>area</code> element, the element's <code
   title="">rel</code> attribute must be <span title="split a string on
   spaces">split on spaces</span>. The resulting tokens are the link
   types that apply to that element.</p>
   <p>Unless otherwise specified, a keyword must not be specified more
   than once per <code title="attr-rel-hyperlink">rel</code>
+  <p>The link types are <span>ASCII case-insensitive</span> values,
+  and must be compared as such.</p>
+  <p class="example">Thus, <code title="">rel="next"</code> is the
+  same as <code title="">rel="NEXT"</code>.</p>
      <th rowspan="2">Link type</th>
      <th colspan="2">Effect on...</th>
      <th rowspan="2">Brief description</th>
      <th><code>a</code> and <code>area</code></th>