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2616When changing encoding on the fly after a POST, don't hit the network again whatever happens. (bug 6258)2008-12-29 23:45
Index: source
--- source	(revision 2615)
+++ source	(revision 2616)
@@ -53418,7 +53418,14 @@
    <i>confident</i>. Whenever possible, this should be done without
    actually contacting the network layer (the bytes should be
    re-parsed from memory), even if, e.g., the document is marked as
-   not being cacheable.</li>
+   not being cacheable. If this is not possible and contacting the
+   network layer would involve repeating a request that uses a method
+   other than HTTP GET (<span title="concept-http-equivalent-get">or
+   equivalent</span> for non-HTTP URLs), then instead set the <span
+   title="concept-encoding-confidence">confidence</span> to
+   <i>confident</i> and ignore the new encoding. The resource will be
+   misinterpreted. User agents may notify the user of the situation,
+   to aid in application development.</li>