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2538Make focused elements fire onclick='' when the user activates them with the keyboard.2008-12-16 23:43
@@ -46325,20 +46325,30 @@ at the first element with the given ID must be treated as if it was cloned and r
   <p>An element is <dfn>focusable</dfn> if the <code
   title="attr-tabindex">tabindex</code> attribute's definition above
   defines the element to be focusable <em>and</em> the element is
   <span>being rendered</span><!-- XXX xref, define display:none as not
   being rendered, off-screen as being rendered? -->.</p>
+  <p>An element that is <span>focusable</span> but does not otherwise
+  have an <span>activation behavior</span> defined has an
+  <span>activation behavior</span> that does nothing.</p>
+  <p class="note">This means that an element that is only focusable
+  because of its <code title="attr-tabindex">tabindex</code> attribute
+  will fire a <code title="event-click">click</code> event in response
+  to a non-mouse activation (e.g. hitting the "enter" key while the
+  element is focused).</p>
   <p>The <dfn title="dom-tabIndex"><code>tabIndex</code></dfn> DOM
   attribute must <span>reflect</span> the value of the <code
   title="attr-tabindex">tabindex</code> content attribute. If the
   attribute is not present, or parsing its value returns an error,
   then the DOM attribute must return 0 for elements that are focusable
   and &#x2212;1 for elements that are not focusable.</p>
   <h4 id="focus-management">Focus management</h4>