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2271WF2: <input type=button>2008-10-02 22:37
@@ -28110,27 +28110,71 @@ function AddCloud(data, x, y) { ... }</pre>
   <h6><dfn title="attr-input-type-button">Button</dfn> state</h6>
   <p>When an <code>input</code> element's <code
   title="attr-input-type">type</code> attribute is in the <span
   title="attr-input-type-button">Button</span> state, the rules in
   this section apply.</p>
-  <p class="XXX">...</p>
+  <p>The <code>input</code> element represents a button with no
+  default behavior. If the element has a <code
+  title="attr-input-value">value</code> attribute, the button's label
+  must be the value of that attribute; otherwise, it must be the empty
+  string.</p>
-  <p><strong>Constraint validation:</strong> If an <code>input</code>
-  element's <code title="attr-input-type">type</code> attribute is in
-  the <span title="attr-input-type-button">Button</span> state, it is
+  <p>If the element is <i title="concept-input-mutable">mutable</i>,
+  the user should allow the user to activate the element.</p>
+  <!-- XXX event timing; activation behavior -->
+  <p><strong>The <span>value sanitization algorithm</span> is as
+  follows:</strong> Do nothing.</p>
+  <p><strong>Constraint validation:</strong> The element is
   <span>barred from constraint validation</span>.</p>
+  <p>The <code title="dom-input-value">value</code> DOM attribute
+  applies to this element and is in mode <span
+  title="dom-input-value-default">default</span>.</p>
+  <p>The following content attributes must not be specified and do not
+  apply to the element:
+  <code class="no-backref" title="attr-input-accept">accept</code>,
+  <code class="no-backref" title="attr-fs-action">action</code>,
+  <code class="no-backref" title="attr-input-alt">alt</code>,
+  <code class="no-backref" title="attr-input-autocomplete">autocomplete</code>,
+  <code class="no-backref" title="attr-input-checked">checked</code>,
+  <code class="no-backref" title="attr-fs-enctype">enctype</code>,
+  <code class="no-backref" title="attr-input-list">list</code>,
+  <code class="no-backref" title="attr-input-max">max</code>,
+  <code class="no-backref" title="attr-input-maxlength">maxlength</code>,
+  <code class="no-backref" title="attr-fs-method">method</code>,
+  <code class="no-backref" title="attr-input-min">min</code>,
+  <code class="no-backref" title="attr-input-pattern">pattern</code>,
+  <code class="no-backref" title="attr-input-readonly">readonly</code>,
+  <code class="no-backref" title="attr-input-required">required</code>
+  <code class="no-backref" title="attr-input-size">size</code>,
+  <code class="no-backref" title="attr-input-src">src</code>,
+  <code class="no-backref" title="attr-input-step">step</code>, and
+  <code class="no-backref" title="attr-fs-target">target</code>.</p>
+  <p>The following DOM attributes and methods do not apply to the element:
+  <code class="no-backref" title="dom-input-checked">checked</code>,
+  <code class="no-backref" title="dom-input-list">list</code>,
+  <code class="no-backref" title="dom-input-selectedOption">selectedOption</code>,
+  <code class="no-backref" title="dom-input-valueAsDate">valueAsDate</code> and
+  <code class="no-backref" title="dom-input-valueAsNumber">valueAsNumber</code> DOM attributes;
+  <code class="no-backref" title="dom-input-stepDown">stepDown()</code> and
+  <code class="no-backref" title="dom-input-stepUp">stepUp()</code> methods.</p>
   <h6>Common algorithms</h6>
   <p>When a user agent is to <dfn>strip line breaks from the
   value</dfn>, the user agent must remove any U+000A LINE FEED (LF)
   and U+000D CARRIAGE RETURN (CR) characters from <span