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2066Define order for getElementsByName().2008-08-13 00:16
@@ -5352,22 +5352,21 @@
   title="">name</var>)</code></dfn> method takes a string <var
   title="">name</var>, and must return a live <code>NodeList</code>
   containing all the <code>a</code>, <code>applet</code>,
   <code>button</code>, <code>form</code>, <!-- frame? frameset?
   XXX--><code>iframe</code>, <code>img</code>, <code>input</code>,
   <code>map</code>, <code>meta</code>, <code>object</code>,<!-- param?
   XXX--> <code>select</code>, and <code>textarea</code> elements in
   that document that have a <code title="">name</code> attribute whose
   value is equal to the <var title="">name</var> argument (in a
-  <span>case-sensitive</span> manner).</p> <!-- XXX what about XHTML?
-  -->
+  <span>case-sensitive</span> manner), in <span>tree order</span>.</p>
   <p>The <dfn
   title="">classNames</var>)</code></dfn> method takes a string that
   contains an <span>unordered set of unique space-separated
   tokens</span> representing classes. When called, the method must
   return a live <code>NodeList</code> object containing all the
   elements in the document, in <span>tree order</span>, that have all
   the classes specified in that argument, having obtained the classes
   by <span title="split a string on spaces">splitting a string on