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2008Make support for patterns required in the <canvas> API.2008-08-05 10:57
@@ -18783,25 +18783,20 @@ idea from Mihai:
   stroking or filling effect requires that they be drawn, and are
   affected by the current transformation matrix.</p>
   <p>When the <code
   title="dom-context-2d-createPattern">createPattern()</code> method
   is passed, as its <var title="">image</var> argument, an animated
   image, the poster frame of the animation, or the first frame of the
   animation if there is no poster frame, must be used.</p>
   <!-- drawImage() has an equivalent paragraph -->
-  <p>Support for patterns is optional. If the user agent doesn't
-  support patterns, then <code
-  title="dom-context-2d-createPattern">createPattern()</code> must
-  return null.</p>
    XXXv4 Requests for v4 features:
     * apply transforms to patterns, so you don't have to create
       transformed patterns manually by rendering them to an off-screen
       canvas then using that canvas as the pattern.
   <h6>Line styles</h6>