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1976[Authors] Address the case of a graphic containing only text.2008-08-04 09:10
@@ -13710,20 +13710,43 @@ rounded squares with varying shades of green and bold white outlines,
 at least that would look good on the cover of a blue book.&lt;/p></pre>
    <p>This example shows how the alternative text should be written
    such that if the image isn't available, and the text is used
    instead, the text flows seamlessly into the surrounding text, as
    if the image had never been there in the first place.</p>
+  <h6>Text that has been rendered to a graphic for typographical effect</h6>
+  <p>Sometimes, an image just consists of text, and the purpose of the
+  image is not to highlight the actual typographic effects used to
+  render the text, but just to convey the text itself.</p>
+  <p>In such cases, the <code title="attr-img-alt">alt</code>
+  attribute must be present but must consist of the same text as
+  written in the image itself.</p>
+  <div class="example">
+   <p>Consider a graphic containing the text "Earth Day", but with the
+   letters all decorated with flowers and plants. If the text is
+   merely being used as a header, to spice up the page for graphical
+   users, then the correct alternative text is just the same text
+   "Earth Day", and no mention need be made of the decorations:</p>
+   <pre>&lt;h1><img src="earthdayheader.png" alt="Earth Day"></h1></pre>
+  </div>
   <h6>A graphical representation of some of the surrounding text</h6>
   <p>In many cases, the image is actually just supplementary, and
   its presence merely reinforces the surrounding text. In these
   cases, the <code title="attr-img-alt">alt</code> attribute must be
   present but its value must be the empty string.</p>
   <div class="example">