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1942[Conformance Checkers] require title='' for rel='alternate stylesheet'2008-07-25 22:23
@@ -35615,21 +35615,23 @@ at the first element with the given ID must be treated as if it was cloned and r
   used with <code>link</code> elements, for which it creates an <span
   title="external resource link">external resource link</span> that
   contributes to the <span>styling processing model</span>.</p>
   <p>The specified resource is a resource that describes how to
   present the document. Exactly how the resource is to be processed
   depends on the actual type of the resource.</p>
   <p>If the <code title="rel-alternate">alternate</code> keyword is
   also specified on the <code>link</code> element, then the link is an
-  alternative stylesheet.</p>
+  alternative stylesheet; in this case, the <code
+  title="attr-title">title</code> attribute must be specified on the
+  <code>link</code> element, with a non-empty value.</p>
   <p>The default type for resources given by the <code
   title="rel-stylesheet">stylesheet</code> keyword is <code
   <p><strong>Quirk:</strong> If the document has been set to
   <span>quirks mode</span> and the <span
   title="Content-Type">Content-Type metadata</span> of the external
   resource is not a supported style sheet type, the user agent must
   instead assume it to be <code title="">text/css</code>.</p>