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1713[Gecko] [Internet Explorer] [Opera] [Webkit] [Google Gears] Mention that for rel=icon UAs should also use type=''; mention what to do when an icon sucks; mention how to handle missing sizes=''.2008-05-28 12:04
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--- source	(revision 1712)
+++ source	(revision 1713)
@@ -33747,10 +33747,15 @@
   <p>Icons could be auditory icons, visual icons, or other kinds of
   icons. If multiple icons are provided, the user agent must select
   the most appropriate icon according to the <code
-  title="attr-link-media">media</code> and <code
+  title="attr-link-type">type</code>, <code
+  title="attr-link-media">media</code>, and <code
   title="attr-link-sizes">sizes</code> attributes. If there are
   multiple equally appropriate icons, user agents must use the last
-  one declared in <span>tree order</span>.</p>
+  one declared in <span>tree order</span>. If the user agent tries to
+  use an icon but that icon is determined, upon closer examination, to
+  in fact be inappropriate (e.g. because it uses an unsupported
+  format), then the user agent must try the next-most-appropriate icon
+  as determined by the attributes.</p>
   <p>There is no default type for resources given by the <code
   title="rel-icon">icon</code> keyword.</p> <!-- XXX we don't define
@@ -33820,6 +33825,10 @@
   icon sizes that are not actually available in the linked
+  <p>If the attribute is not specified, then the user agent must
+  assume that the given icon is appropriate, but less appropriate than
+  an icon of a known and appropriate size.</p>
   <div class="example">
    <p>The following snippet shows the top part of an application with