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1472Apparently everyone in #whatwg except me likes popups!2008-04-21 09:33
@@ -24224,23 +24224,23 @@ never reset. This is nice and consistent.)
      <dd>The chosen browsing context is the current browsing
      <dt>If the user agent has been configured such that in this
      instance it will not find a browsing context</dt>
      <dd>There must not be a chosen browsing context.</dd>
-    <p>User agents are encouraged to default to being configured to
-    always reuse the current browsing context, or to at least provide
-    that option to the user.</p>
+    <p>User agent implementors are encouraged to provide a way for
+    users to configure the user agent to always reuse the current
+    browsing context.</p>
   <h3>The default view</h3>