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1471[Conformance Checkers] Allow _blank, but encourage UAs to not open new windows.2008-04-21 04:39
Index: source
--- source	(revision 1470)
+++ source	(revision 1471)
@@ -24135,8 +24135,8 @@
   <p>A <dfn>valid browsing context name or keyword</dfn> is any string
   that is either a <span>valid browsing context name</span> or that
-  case-insensitively <!-- ASCII --> matches one of: <!--<code
-  title="">_blank</code>,--> <code title="">_self</code>, <code
+  case-insensitively <!-- ASCII --> matches one of: <code
+  title="">_blank</code>, <code title="">_self</code>, <code
   title="">_parent</code>, or <code title="">_top</code>.</p>
   <p><dfn>The rules for chosing a browsing context given a browsing
@@ -24231,6 +24231,10 @@
+    <p>User agents are encouraged to default to being configured to
+    always reuse the current browsing context, or to at least provide
+    that option to the user.</p>